Who we are

The Maison Multiethnique Myosotis is a non-profit organization that’s been working in the mental health field since 1991.

Our therapists are members of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec and offer services of psychologic counselling and art-therapy for individuals, families and couples in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, German and Romanian.

Our various services are aimed first at the different cultural communities of metropolitan Montreal but also all population.

Therapies are offered with a fee depending of the client’s income (stating at 16$ per consultation or 10% of their net weekly income). We also ask for a membership card which is 10$ and is renewed every year.

The organization also offers to its members reference services in the community in order to help social integration, care and autonomy.

Our mission and our social purpose

Maison Multiethnique Myosotis mission is to offer psychotherapy services to low-income people coming from different ethical backgrounds. In this respect, most of our clients are immigrants and refugees.

We consider mental health as an essential part of general health and conduct our mission following this idea: Mental Health is not a Luxury. Here are our priorities:

Contribute to make services more accessible to the people while respecting the particularity of working in a multicultural context related to immigration.

Promote a better integration of immigrants into Quebecois society: work integration, family and social relations, education, etc.

Promote our clients’ mental autonomy and growth to prevent institutionalization and hospitalization.

We believe that a person in good mental health is favorable not only on a social level, but also for society’s economy.

Our story

Maison Multiethnique Myosotis has been created 27 years ago (incorporated by letter patents under the 1991 companies act) by a group of professionals practising alternative mental health voluntarily (psychologists, massage therapists, art-therapists). We grew naturally throughout the years and managed to structure and organize ourselves better.

After 5 years of volunteer work, we earned credibility from the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (1996) which granted us our first $20.000 yearly financial help as part of the PSOC (Programme au Soutien des Organismes Communautaires). This amouns has been simply indexed through years since.