Our Services

We offer short or medium-term psychological counselling services to our customers.

Our team includes psychologists and psychotherapists who have experienced migration themselves and are able to help immigrants going through hard times while integrating into Quebec’s society. We use an intercultural approach in all our therapy services. We do our best to provide bridges between each of our customer’s frame of reference and the one used in their host society.

To ease communication in the therapeutic relationship, we offer our services in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, German and Romanian. We also offer art-therapy services: this therapeutic approach focuses on direct emotional expression through visual art. Some of the advantages of this approach are: visual language is cross-cultural and images allow to represent and express traumatic memories through symbols.

Our services are offered for small fees that adapt to one’s income.

What is psychotherapY?

According to the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec, psychotherapy is a treatment aiming at relieving psychological suffering or difficulties. It can help any person (child, teenager, adult) who wants to bring meaningful changes in their lives and feel better. This can be achieved through helping the person to answer their questions, make difficult choices, understand who they are, better manage a difficult situation or changing behaviors, emotions or habits.